Tips on cleaning with new born.

    1. Clean while baby naps
    2. Set timer for 20 min at a time to check on baby
    3. Open windows in room you are working on for ventilation
    4. Use green products
    5. OR sit back and enjoy your new baby let US do all the work YOU DESERVE IT!!!

    Tips on cleaning with toddler

    1. Make a game with you and baby pick up all toys on the floors
    2. If you have a toy vacuum do this chore together baby loves it
    3. When cleaning kitchen put baby in high chair with a toy,book or even cheerios so they can keep busy do not forget to open windows
    4. Put baby in play pen or gated play area while cleaning bathroom make sure you can see baby
    5. OR go out with your baby on a play date enjoy the day and come back to a CLEAN house!!

    Tips on cleaning with a teenager

    1. Write down exactly what you would like to clean step by step
    2. make sure all home work is done and then they should clean
    3. if cleaning is done right!! reward with tv or game time for one hr
    4. make sure you are being consistent with checking room thoroughly
    5. OR GOT A Maid can show them how it is done!!!!