Nothing works better to eliminate Subterranean termites than Termidor!

Pestguard has had tremendous success using Termidor® liquid termiticide. This non-repellent, odorless termiticide can effectively eliminate subterranean termite colonies within three months of application. Termidor® has a transference effect in which the termites pass through the termiticide barrier and transfer it to the colony through contact, grooming and feeding.

  • Termidor® kills and controls more than 200 economically important insects and subterranean termites by contact and ingestion providing a unique method of action.
  • The new class of chemistry is a low dosage, highly active broad-spectrum termiticide that is effective against ants, in addition to subterranean and Formosan termites.
  • Termidor® achieves colony elimination with faster visible results. Termidor® is set apart from all other commercial insecticides because no known resistance exists to this material.
  • Termidor® has a low toxicity to mammals. Fipronil has shown no evidence of causing cancer.
  • The Termidor® guarantee (NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS) of 100% assurance of total subterranean termite control is based on over ten years (and counting) of no re-infestations and total prevention.
  • This makes Termidor® the most cost-effective treatment with the long-term protection – 10 years and counting – all indications link the residual effect for as long as 20 years.