Pestguard’s Community Horticultural Services

Customized Horticultural Program for Your Community
Pestguard Will Design A Horticultural Program Tailored For Your Community

Every community and every landscape is unique with different soils, different plant types, and different exposures to sunlight, shade, and the weather.

We begin with a comprehensive inspection and detailed analysis of your landscape and design a program that promotes the health, growth, and vigor of your valuable landscape plant assets including a soil sampling and analysis. Programs include insect control, disease control, weed control, and fertilization and can be customized from the most basic maintenance service to a full-blown nursery-level care program.

A quality landscape program that improves the health and appearance of your landscape increases the value of your community!

Our Lawn Care Service includes:

  • Monthly inspections and treatments to control insects and weeds.
  • Six seasonally specific fertilizer applications.
  • Additional service treatments are included.
  • All services performed using the Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices.
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