Grounds Maintenance Services

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Grounds Maintenance

  • Mowing of all turf areas weekly in growing season and bi-weekly in the dormant season.
  • Line trimming of all areas inaccessible to mowers.
  • Edging of all hard surfaces such as sidewalks and streets.
  • Edging of tree rings, shrub beds and open beds.
  • Air blowing of all hard surfaces and other non-landscaped areas.

Pruning & Weeding Services

  • Shrubs will be pruned to the correct height and width on a monthly basis. Any association or unit owner special requests are welcomed.
  • Hedges will be trimmed with power hedge trimmers and blooming shrubs are selectively pruned by hand.
  • All plant materials subject to cold temperatures will be trimmed lightly during fall and winter months.
  • In the spring blooming shrubs should be trimmed back significantly.
  • Weeding of all plant materials will be performed at least once a month.
  • All weeds will be cleared from all plant beds, tree rings and joints in walks using appropriate manual or herbicide control.
Pest control Sarasota Florida - Pest Guard Termite treatment Sarasota
Pest Guard Termite treatment Sarasota

Palm & Hardwood Tree Services

  • Specialty palms will be fertilized twice per year with a palm fertilizer based on our tissue and soil samples.
  • Depending upon the community needs, palm trimming services can be included in the yearly service, or added separately.
  • All hardwoods will be lifted to maintain a twelve foot clearance from the ground (included in the yearly service), which could obstruct or hinder pedestrian, motor traffic etc.

Additional Services

  • All of our prescription landscaping programs can be customized to include any of the following services:
  • Mulch installation and replenishment.
  • Planting of annuals.
  • Stump removal.
  • Sod installation or replacement.
  • Planting design and installation.
  • Irrigation installation and repair.
  • Pruning of trees and or palms (above 15 feet).
  • The removal of storm or freeze related debris.
  • NEW! Quarterly oxytetracycline injections to prevent and control “Lethal Yellowing” in valuable Palm trees.
Pest control Sarasota Florida - Pest Guard Termite treatment Sarasota