Drywood Termites

Tips To Eliminate Drywood Termites

Drywood termites are a serious threat to your wooden furniture. They prey on wood and make their way inside the wood through cracks, and termites cause damage to the wood structure, which results in heavy monetary loss. Finding dry-wood termites in your home can be frightening, but don’t freak out. 

Wooden furniture, wall framing, and beams are frequent places for dry wood termites to build their nests. Typically, dry wood termites don’t even require a consistent water source because they can get enough moisture from the wood pulp they consume.

You can successfully eliminate these pesky intruders and protect your property with the right knowledge and strategies. In this blog post, we will look at tried-and-true methods and steps for getting rid of dry wood termites, ensuring a termite-free environment, and protecting your home’s structural integrity. 

If you have a question in mind about how to get rid of dry wood termites, then explore the article to know more.

What You Can Do?

Generally, in the home, dry wood makes targets for the wooden furniture. They form large colonies in a very short period of time, so terminating them is very difficult. Leaving them in the woods costs you a ton of money. 

Annually termites cost millions of dollars. People who live in wooden homes are mostly affected by them. Even the insurance policy did not cover the expenses caused by dry wood termites. Here are some steps you can take to ensure termites-free homes.

Block Food Source 

Blocking dry-wood termites from their food sources is the most effective technique to keep them away. Your home’s, or a building’s foundations with cracks, gaps, or other openings are an open invitation for them. As quickly as possible, all openings to the interior’s delicious wood framing should be sealed. Cut back any tree branches that can direct dry wood termites to your home as well.

Look For Infected Areas

Have a clear look at the infected furniture, and if you spot any contaminated section, then quickly remove the part if possible.

These are some small ways to eliminate termites. For best results, you can try home remedies that will treat your home naturally. They are cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

Check some methods or DIYS which are used over time.

Try Some Home Remedies

Once they have established a presence, termites can be hard and costly to get rid of. However, there are certain natural cures that you can try at home if you see the first indications of a termite infestation. This will give you more time to seek professional assistance. All you need to know about how to get rid of dry wood termites is here.

Exposure To Sunlight

Exposing termites to sunlight is among the greatest natural pest control methods. Termites are scared of sunshine because they prefer moist, dark environments. As a termite control measure, leave wooden furniture exposed to sunshine for two to three days nonstop. 

Termites can’t withstand the heat and hence die quickly. By eliminating the moisture in the furniture, termites can be permanently eliminated with this method. It also works well as a chemical-free anti-termite treatment carried out at home.

Make A Cardboard Trap

Termites can be eliminated naturally using items like cardboard. Termites are attracted to the woody aroma of cardboard, which is formed from the cellulose they admire. 

Place it close to the afflicted area for termite control and moisten it to make the stench more noticeable. These pests are attracted to the open cardboard box within a few hours. To remove termites in wooden furniture, throw it away or burn it. 

Oil Treatment

For the treatment of wood termites, orange and neem oils are highly efficient. The former has a substance called d-limonene that, when in touch with termites, can readily kill them. Neem oil, on the other hand, starts working as soon as the termites consume it. For optimal effects, pour or repeatedly spray these oils over infected areas.

Distance Between Soil And Wood

By constructing their colonies beneath your home, termites can destroy the foundation. Building your home away from your lawn or garden is the greatest method to prevent this. According to experts, there should be at least 18 inches between your house and your garden.

Parasitic Nematodes

Small worms called parasitic nematodes eat termite larvae and destroy them in two days. To get rid of termites at home, you can acquire this at your neighborhood nursery or online retailers.

Use Boric Acid

Boric acid is a poisonous chemical, so use it with precaution. To eliminate termites at home, make a solution of borax powder and water, mix them, and spray it on the damaged regions. After a few applications, it is a non-toxic procedure that guarantees termites in cabinets, and other wooden furniture are eliminated. For enhanced anti-termite treatment outcomes, you can also combine this technique with the cardboard trap.

The natural treatments listed work well to get rid of little termites that you notice or catch, but they can’t get rid of an infestation. To remove them, you need the help of experts.

Professional Services 

However, using natural treatments can be ineffective. It is advisable to take the help of a professional when the situation is out of control. Search online on how to get rid of dry wood termites; you will get plenty of options to select from.  

Dealing with pesticides is not an easy job; you need to pay attention. Experts who control pesticides are well-trained and experienced enough to deal with the situation. In case you are unable to control the termite population from your home by using home remedies, you must contact professional help to solve this issue. Consult professional pest infestation agencies. They will help you in overcoming the pest.

When To Call Pest Controlling 

Give attention to the wooden furniture in your home. If you ever suspect termites, then immediately call for infestation before it’s too late. An average size of a colony can damage the structure in no time. 


Are you wondering about how to get rid of dry wood termites in your mind? After taking various preventive steps in the first place, then use home remedies, and if the situation is still out of control, then it’s time to hire a Pest Control company. 

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