Right Time to Contact an Exterminator for Mice

One mouse can make you feel like setting a trap and getting rid of it. But what about if the number of rats is unlimited at your place? There are times when you might not see them personally, but some signs show their existence. Removing one or two mice can be easy. But for infestation, you have to take help from rat exterminator Tampa or a rat exterminator service near you.

Besides, if you think the mice infestation situation is severe at your place, don’t wait any minute and get professional assistance. Let’s know more about the right time to call an exterminator for mice.

Common Signs of Infestation

Mouse Droppings

A foremost sign is the droppings of mice, which includes their dried excretion. You can easily recognize the shit by its size and color. It is about an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch in size. The color varies from dark brown to black.

One thing to notice about it is that most droppings can be seen near warm places, like behind stoves or in wall voids.

Damaged Food Packs

Before getting a rat removal Tampa option, the other signal to consider is the damaged food packages. When the rats first enter your home, it is obvious that they are looking out for a food source.

So, if you can see holes in the food packages while you open your pantry, there must be a chance of mice infestation.

Scratching Sounds

If a group of mice enters your house, they will go to some insulated place that is soft and cozy. Very common areas where they might hide are your walls, ceilings, or attics. When they move, you can clearly hear the scratching noise.

Therefore, try to listen to the sound that the rats are making. It will be the sign that will tell you to call a rat extermination team.

Shredded Paper or Wood Shaving

The following sign to observe before calling rat removal Tampa service is the shredded paper at some places. Mice use different materials to build their nest, like paper, straw, and more.

Besides paper, the rats also chew wood. Hence, you can notice shredded paper and wood shavings at home if the mice infestation is there.

Smell of Ammonia

When the mice infestation is there, you can notice the bad smell of ammonia. It is due to the urine and excretions they do. The smell is stronger near the place where mouse activity is high.

It means if you are facing a mouse problem at your place, you can recognize an ammonia-like smell.

Some DIYs People Use

Setting Traps

Rat exterminator Tampa or near you can help you. However, there are some DIYs that people try. The first is setting the trap to catch or kill the mouse. People do it by placing multiple traps near the spot where they noticed the mouse.

After setting the trap, they check daily whether the rat is caught. It is one of the non-lethal ways where you can catch the mouse in a container and leave it somewhere else.

Seal Entries

Mice can pass through small holes that are a quarter of an inch in size. If you have holes at places in your home, there are chances of mouse entrance. For this, people try to fix or cover the holes, so rodents do not get any point to come.

Besides, if you want something other than the DIY option, you can go for rat exterminator Tampa if you live in Tampa.

Properly Clean Clutter & Food

One of the smart options is to keep the spilled food clear from different places. It can attract them. Similarly, it would be best if you also cleared the clutter. The rodents can go towards it and build their home with the things available.

Give a Call To An Exterminator For Mice

When you get any sign that confirms the existence of mice at your place, you should call the rat removal Tampa team. They can inspect better and guide you properly to eliminate the mice effectively. Mice breed quickly, and it is the reason that you don’t need to delay calling a professional rodent removal service. On average, it will cost you from $200 to $600.

We are Pestguard, providing the exterminator to eliminate the rodents from your house. All you need to do is contact us. Our rat exterminator Tampa team will come to your place and see the seriousness of the issue. After that, we will deliver you the best solution. Your home will be free from mice again.

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