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No more space sharing with those creepy crawlers… With its customizable pest inspection and treatment services, Pest Guard is now available in Sarasota. Yes, you heard it right, in Sarasota, a Floridian city, which is certainly a home for not just humans but termites as well; Yikes! Indeed Termites are the biggest threat to homes and a matter of concern in this region! These little destructive creatures can wreak havoc and chew up interiors and exteriors. All blame is on Florida’s warm, damp subtropical climate! 

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it anymore; from bespoke inspection sessions to annual inspections, we at Pest Guard make sure to keep homes and facilities Termite-free. This piece of article explores more about five common termite infestations and termite inspection in Sarasota; let read on!

Quick Key Points

  • Termites are as old as dust; date back over 120 million years to the period of the dinosaurs. 
  • A.k.a “silent destroyers,” these tiny evil creatures can chew through wood, flooring, and even wallpaper and remain undetected. 
  • Termites lead to almost five billion dollars of property damage yearly- sadly, insurance policies can’t cover the costs.
  • Swarmers, mud shelter tubes, and wood damage are the common signs of termite infestation.
  • Swarmers looking to make a new colony are generally the first sign of termite season in early spring-so when you see winged pests show up inside homes, you need to dial termite inspection and control.

Five termites species you need to know about!

However, there are over 2,000 species of termites; we are here going to talk about the five most common ones that are in charge of causing of biggest menaces to homeowners;

Subterranean termites 

These are the most destructive species living in colonies of almost 2 million in moist secluded zones in the ground and sometimes underground. These species specialized in building those “mud tubes” to access distant food sources and protect themselves from environmental conditions and human activities.

Two major Floridan cities, Miami and Sarasota, are now highly viewed as dinner for these termites—glad that you have already given thought about finding termite inspection in Sarasota

Formosan Termites 

The aggressive nature of Formosan termites makes them the biggest terror in many US states like Hawaii, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, and California. They are known as the most menacingly voracious and are hard to control once they invade any facility or structure. These termite species live in colonies making intricate mud nests and tubes inside and on the walls.

Conehead Termites

These are invasive species crawling freely in homes unnoticed and can remain undetected for years. Since these termites abstain from building mud nests or tubes until their colony forms to a large healthy, and strong, no one can find any signs of their existence. They don’t prefer tunneling but are the most dangerous when it comes to devouring a structure; they can cause property damage in a short period of time. Which means you need to find the best termite treatment company before it’s too late!

Dampwood Termites 

These termite species are typically larger as compared to other species. As the name suggests, these termites usually encroach upon damp wood, which is highly rich in moisture content. Since these termites adore wet spaces and damp wooden structures, they avoid infesting dry structures. 

Drywood Termites 

Contrary to Damp wood, these species of Drywood termites love to invade dry wood and usually make homes in roof materials. These termites do not require any contact with soil and can infest dead wood inside home structures. However, they don’t strive for moisture; sometimes, these can be found near water sources like water pipes and heat pumps.

Termite Inspection Sarasota; that is what you need!

Since you know how aggressive and voracious these termites are, you don’t have to take a chance; choose termite inspection service right away! Whether you see swarmers, mud tunneling, mud nests, and damaged wooden structures, you directly have to reach us. Sometimes termites exist undetected in homes, and needless to say, you probably will end up paying through the nose down the line for home repairs. Isn’t it better to pay for early detection? We at Pest Guard offer seamless termite inspection and pest control in Sarasota

Here’s an inside look at how we do professional termite inspections: 

Our professionals will inspect and analyze your property in-depth to find any signs of termite infestation. Even though you now know the most common signs of termites, our team of experts knows the less noticeable signs to find if termites are present. 

Don’t let your property become dinner for these evil creatures…

Get Your Home Inspected Today!

Provide us with the opportunity to inspect your property; if we find anything serious we’ll treat it and take all essential measures to control it. Think about it; we can give you the best termite treatment company you are looking for!

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