Termite Control Methods

What Are The Major Termite Control Methods?

Homes and property can be protected from termites with several termite prevention treatment methods. The question is what methods should be selected to eliminate termites. Are the methods used eco-friendly? Do you need to evacuate the property? For how long do you need to stay away? These questions should be answered first before you choose a termination plan.

Each method comes with its benefits and some drawbacks too. Choosing methods like extermination can negatively affect your environment as the entire process deals with chemical use. Also, you might have to stay away from your property for a few days. But methods used by pest control specialists are better and have more safety. To understand all processes, let’s explore the major methods to eliminate termites from your property.

Major Termite Control methods

Soil and barrier treatment
These are the most common approaches when it comes to tackling termite infestation. In soil treatment methods, liquid termiticides are used. The chemical solution is applied to the soil, mainly near the foundation of the building. It creates a barrier of chemicals protecting your home and property from termites that try to tunnel beneath the foundation.

Barrier treatment goes along with soil treatment. This method is used to protect the property’s interior by using chemical termite barriers. Foam termiticides are injected into the walls and floors. The foam spreads through openings and voids in the wall and kills possible termite infestation.

Another method of barrier treatment is to use termite shields. Thin pieces of metal are installed around wooden structures. However, this method is used during property construction to eliminate the possibility of termite infestation. These methods are well understood and reliable, often considered the least expensive.

Termite Baiting Stations

This method involves placing bait stations in specific locations around an active termite colony. There are two kinds of termite bait stations: one is in-ground stations, and the other is above-stations.

The in-ground bating stations are planted in the soil, and with consistent monitoring of locations and chemicals, termites are eliminated. It is more common than the above-ground station method.
The above-stations are treated with slow-acting and non-repellent termiticides to kill the termites. Once they come in contact with a station, they take the chemical to their colony and feed on it. This way, termite bait stations destroy entire termite colonies.

The baiting strategy is eco-friendly compared to chemical treatments like soil and barrier treatment. These methods are effective for long-term termite control.

This method is a very intrusive way to get rid of severe termite infestations. The infested area is enclosed and exposed to sulfuryl fluoride gas. This process usually takes three days to work.
To fumigate the entire property, the place will be tented and sealed before gas is dispersed. The property will be exposed to gas for twenty-four hours and monitored until gas is dissipated. Re-entering the property will take three days or more.

Though harsh chemical gas eliminates termites, it is still not the permanent solution. There is a possibility that termites will return to your property. Termite Protection Plan Cost will increase eventually as you might have to avail of the services again.

Non-Chemical Treatment 

  • Physical barriers like steel mesh and sands of different sizes have performed effectively against termites. 
  • Nematodes-parasitic worms-are biological control agents that feed on termites. Worms can be purchased from any pest control Sarasota store, local pet store, or any store that sells termite solutions.
  • Termites avoid sunlight, and exposure to direct sunlight can kill them. Termite-infested items and locations can be exposed to sunlight, eliminating termites and preventing their spread. 
  • Sprinkling borax powder is another method that will kill termites. It can be mixed with water and sprayed on affected areas if necessary.

General Termite Prevention Methods

  • Seal all the structural cracks in the foundation, walls, doors, and windows of the property. 
  • Keep all spaces clean and dry, and don’t let moisture set in any location on the property. 
  • Don’t let foundation wood or firewood touch the soil. Keep everything above the ground. Physical barriers and concrete foundations are very successful in termite prevention.


Termite infestation is very common, and your awareness about how to deal with and prevent them is important. Early solutions are less hectic and cost-effective compared to elimination methods. If you are facing any issues related to pest infestation, then you can avail of the above-mentioned methods. Contact Pestguard to protect and prevent your property from termite infestation.

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