Preventive Pest Control

A Complete Guide on Working of Reactive and Preventative Pest Control

Florida is among the best states in America and a favorite tourist destination for the country. It is known as a vacation paradise because of its subtropical and tropical climate. Mostly there are two seasons, wet and dry, and the northern part does freeze in winter. High humidity is common in most areas, and the air is filled with moisture, making perfect weather conditions for feeding and breeding of pests like bugs, ants, roaches, and more.
Exterminators in St. Petersburg, FL, are on the move year-round. Mostly the exterminator comes into the picture when pests are seen around as they provide a reactive solution. The objective is to eliminate all possible pest infestations without any thorough research. The preventative pest control objective is to eliminate all possibilities that can cause pest infestation.

To understand whether you need reactive or preventative pest control protection, have a look at these few points.
How Reactive Pest Control Works?
Pest control services availed in emergency situations are known as reactive pest control. Usually, this is the first thing people choose when they identify pests’ presence on the interior or exterior of the property. Exterminator services commonly do the job for you when you want an immediate response or solution.
Exterminators work according to your demands and quickly get the work done as they do not apply research methods. They use chemical solutions to kill all possible pests. The chemicals are very harsh, and most pests die in the process, but it does not mean the entry of pests to the property is blocked.

It is observed that reactive pest control solutions are temporary in most cases and pests return eventually.

There Are Many Drawbacks of Exterminator Solutions, Such as: 

  • Use of harsh chemicals that are not environment-friendly.
  • The smell of chemicals is very unpleasant and lasts for days on the property.
  • Though the chemicals are harmful to everyone, kids and pets on the property are more vulnerable

How Preventative Pests Control Works?

Preventative pest control deals with pests before they try to arrive at your property. This means you get in touch with pest control services considering the fact that there is a possibility of pest infestation.
The pest control specialist examines the property and looks for possible entries. The expert will identify even the slightest spaces. Observation of the outdoors will be done thoroughly as well. Once all the data is collected, experts will recommend the best solution. Pest prevention is different for each location, as pest control in Clearwater, FL, will not suggest the same solution in Miami or Petersburg.

If it is identified that pests have begun their infestation, a proper solution will be provided with long-lasting results. All the methods used will be eco-friendly, and vacating the property will not be necessary.

How to Understand the Need for Preventative Pest Control:  
  • Self-observation of the property and surroundings to see whether trees are touching your property. 
  • Wood in touch with ground/soil
  • Wet and damp places near the property
  • Guttering system leakage 
  • Garden/backyard flora and fauna   

These small things will let you know to identify the need for preventative pest control. 

Perks of Preventative Pest Control
Early Awareness

Pests infestation spots are hard to find, whether they are in early or advanced stages. Once the damage is done, they begin to show signs like powdered wood, roaches’ waste, mud lines, and more. A pest control specialist knows possible locations where pests can infest. Quality pest control inspections will know what methods will be required to eliminate pests entries.
Cost Effective
Early prevention methods are cost-effective. Emergency services are always expensive. Rodent Control in St Petersburg, FL, is one of the most expensive pest control services. On the other hand, early preventative services are like small investments that pay you back in the long term. Also, preventative processes help avoid expensive and long-lasting damage to the property.

Comfortable And Eco-Friendly
Preventative methods are eco-friendly as there is no use of chemicals or minimal eco-friendly chemicals are used. Processes like extermination use harsh chemicals that are not eco-friendly, and vacating the property might be necessary. With preventative pest control, everything stays normal, and no inconvenience occurs.
Emergency services are always expensive and create disruption and discomfort in life. It is good to take early precautionary steps to avoid severe damage and save money. Both reactive and preventative pest control services can be availed anytime. One gives an instant solution, and the other will provide a long-term solution and multiple benefits. Get in touch with Pestguard for Florida’s best reactive and preventative pest control services.

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