Fortifying Your House From Pests And Termites Invasion

Pests Control

Termites are invasive and will do unimaginable damage to your house. The worst part is in the beginning, you won’t be able to identify the damage that easily. When the damage can be seen, you will find that it is already very deep. You might be surprised that you haven’t noticed the early stages of the damage. The reason behind this is that termites reproduce in large numbers. One day there are only a few pests, and within a week, there are thousands.

You must ensure that you keep your living space and outdoors neat and clean. Nothing should attract pests inside your house. All possible entries should be blocked. If pests have already invaded your house, look for the best pest control services. Who can provide you with the best termite protection, inspection, bed bug elimination, and more. Here are a few ways that can help you protect your house from pests and termites.

Protection And Prevention Methods to Avoid Pest Invasion 

Wood Contact With The Ground  

You have to ensure that there is no direct wood-to-ground contact. Direct contact with the soil is a free way for pests to enter your house. You won’t be able to notice their entry point as it will be hidden under the wood.

Make sure that you keep the wood construction at least six inches away from the topsoil during the house construction. Concrete foundations are necessary to ensure that pests will not damage your foundation stones.

Eliminating Moisture 

Pests are attracted by moisture as it allows them to grow. Moisture near the foundation can increase the possibility of pest infestation. Ensure you use proper guttering management and allow the water to unload away from the foundation. Repair damage done to any guttering pipes immediately. The lawn irrigation system should be kept away from the foundation as well.

Crawl Space And Firewood Stacks

For proper ventilation, one foot of crawl space is recommended for one hundred fifty square feet of building area. Crawl space should be kept moisture free, and no dust, debris, or leaves should be there. Don’t let any vegetation grow around the crawl space. 

Ensure that no firewood is stacked near the foundation and crawl space. Firewood stacks are pest attraction spots; they provide food and shelter to them. Keep the firewood away from the house. Make sure it is appropriately covered, and no moisture source is around. 

Mulch And Plants        

Mulch is used to keep the soil moist and hinder weeds’ growth. It helps the plants grow fast. As the mulch is used to retain moisture, it attracts pests. There are not that many nutrients in the mulch, but it provides shelter in extreme weather conditions. Ensure that no plants are touching your house or the foundation of the house. Mulch should be kept away from the foundation to block possible entries.  

Look For Signs

Termites enter your house very slowly and silently. And it is not easy to identify their possible entry. But with an active eye, you can find what is happening around you. Mud tunnels are one of the early signs you can look for on your property. 

Regularly check the wood that is touching the ground. Termites eat the wood from the inside, and from the outside, it might look perfect. Tap on the wood touching the ground, and look for any hollow spots. If found, take quick action and seek professional help.

The light at night attracts swarm termites, and you might see their wings near your windows in the morning. Ensure that your door and windows are closed so swarmers can’t enter your house.  

Reach Out to Professionals 

For the Best Termite Protection, you have to choose the Best Pest Control Services. Professional help is necessary because pests can enter your house from anywhere. Even if you take all mandatory precautions, you still won’t be able to block all possible entries. The pest control professionals are well-trained and can observe your property better and provide better solutions. These solutions will help you in the long run and protect your property.  

If the pests already have begun invading your property, they can stop the infestation and provide you services like Bed Bug Elimination, rodents elimination, roaches elimination, and more. 


Hidden termite invasion is problematic and damages your property. It is necessary that you take mandatory precautions to protect your living space. In severe cases, immediately seek professional help and, if possible, take early professional advice to protect your house. Contact Pestguard today for the  Best Pest Control Services. 

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