Here’s Why You Need Termite Control In Sarasota!

Why You Need Termite Control In Sarasota

Usually, termites live outdoors, mainly beneath the soil, contributing enormously to decomposition. But in regions like Sarasota, Florida, that’s not the case; these pests can be seen indoors thriving and are hidden destroyers of homes in Florida. The blame is all on Florida’s warm, humid subtropical climate almost all the time! Termites are a matter of concern in this region as they can wreak havoc on interiors as well as exteriors of homes. No wonder these little evil creatures are the most destructive for many homeowners. That’s one reason homeowners look for “termite control in Sarasota.” Here we will talk more about termite infestation and how to control that; stay in the loop!

Termite infestation: a matter of concern!

Generally, when pests infest our homes, we get to know them most of the time. But in the case of termites, the scenario is way more different; they have no such strong smell, don’t even invade in conventional ways, and are entirely silent! You’ll only realise a termite infestation when you see a few fragments of soil or sand particles from your wooden cabinets or doors! Termites are those hidden pests that destroy your living space and entities and cause billions of dollars worth of damage annually.

Unfortunately, most of the destruction happens before you actually find out that you have termites in your home, as they spend most of the time out-of-sight attacking the wood and building materials. Not to mention, that very moment is the most panic-stricken one you seriously don’t want to be a part of. The hassle of cleaning each and every corner of the house and still not getting rid of termites; you know how daunting it is! But that doesn’t mean termites are unstoppable, and there’s no way to get rid of them; pest controls are always here to help!

Termites in Florida!

As aforementioned, be it Orlando, Pensacola or Sarasota, Florida’s every region serves as a termite magnet! Of course, the humid climate makes it an ideal home for termites! More specifically, three types of termites exist in Florida; damp wood termites, subterranean termites, and dry-wood termites. Let’s have a quick glance at these three common types of termites.

Dampwood Termite

Dampwood termites are commonly found in southern Florida and infest mostly where wood comes in contact with soil or water. These termites are larger and are efficient in destroying materials.

Subterranean Termites

These types of termites are pretty common in Florida and are severe when it comes to home destruction. Also known as “swarmers with wings,” this category of termites lives with a large colony featuring workers, soldiers, and queens. You might find these termites building mud tubes on the walls and wooden objects. It is being said this category eats anything that comes in their way; you better give a thought about “termite inspection Sarasota!”

Drywood Termites

These termites live in colonies attacking wood and other materials containing cellulose like; rotten and wet wood, paper clothes and plants. These are also destructive but don’t nest in soil like the rest of the two.

How to find if there’s termite in my home?

However, termites are silent pests, but here are the common signs that might help you know if there’s any chance termite colony residing in your home

If you mud tubes 100%, there’s termite infestation!

Yes, mud tubes are the one way termites swarm your home. In Florida, Subterranean termites mostly build mud tubes to get access to move with the entire colony in search of food! Well, there’s nothing to panic about; you can simply contact termite control in Sarasota to get rid of them forever.

If you start finding wooden objects weak and damaged, there are chances for termites eating those up!
Of course, termites love wood and primarily feed on wood rich in cellulose! So by any chance, you find a small cavity with a bit of soil, call termite inspection Sarasota, to get it checked and keep your wooden objects termite-free!

Apart from this, if you see discarded termite wings or bubbling and uneven paint on walls, there might be chances of termite infestation. Never risk skipping these common signs; even a tiny termite colony can become big in a few days and turn your home into a mess.

The Takeaways

So if you reside in Florida, you must look for “pest control Sarasota” because you need it sooner or later! Mark the words; you need it because the termite infestation never spares any home in this region. We at Pest Guard Termite offer services like pest control and make your home safe and sound!

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