Bed Bugs – How to spot them

Bed Bug infestation in mattresses near St. Petersburg Florida

Bed bugs are resilient. They can survive for months without feeding. They can survive without a meal longer in cooler temperatures.

They tend to congregate but you can also find a single bug by itself. Preparing for bed bug treatment is important because there can be so many throughout the home.

Placing bedding, clothing, toys or other items that are infested are placed in a clothes dryer set to medium to high heat can kill bed bugs.

Depending on the severity of the infestation, sometimes placing the infested items in plastic and placing them outdoors in direct sunlight for at least a day can do the trick.

Temperatures that are lower than freezing for about 1 to 2 weeks will also help.

How to Find Bed Bugs

Bed Bug infestation near St. Petersurg Tampa
Pest infestation in curtains

They will in mattresses around the buttons, fold, and seams. They will also hide inside the box springs. [insert image]

Other common hiding places are in headboards, nightstands and other furniture near the bed. Here are some other places to look:

  • boxes or books
  • curtains
  • baseboards
  • pillows
  • carpeting

They are nocturnal and are active at night. They reside close to where homeowners sleep. If you see stains, these are likely from feaces (gross) or molted skins or empty eggshells. Sometimes you can smell a sour or moldy smell.


Bed Bugs Size: Adults are oval-shaped and about 3/16 inch long. They look like ticks. They do not fly. Females Size: They are similar in size to their male counterparts and can lay several eggs per day. Eggs are so small they are hard to see. The eggs are so small, they are hard to see and hatch in about 7 days.


What Causes Bed Bugs and where do they come from: Preventing a pest infestation requires vigilance: With some knowledge, you can learn how to check and do your own pest control.

  • Inspect used furniture before bringing them home. If possible, have them professionally cleaned.
  • Don’t bring bed bugs to your home from hotels. Carefully inspect hotel rooms. More about this at
  • Can also come from movie theaters, dormitories, and backpacks from school.
  • Check your daycare as well.

Additional Information from the University of Kentucky and from the University of Minnesota

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