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Pest Control Bradenton – how to get rid of bed bugs

Pest Control Bradenton: When you are looking for the pest control in Bradenton who is the best bed bug exterminator, what do you look for?  Is it the type of bed bug spray or other pest control treatments?  Bed bugs are one of the most common pest control problems in Bradenton and other parts of Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

It’s hard to know how to get rid of bed bugs and how to manage your pest control.  There are so many types of bed bug spray solutions   And in addition to bed bugs, rodent control, termites, silverfish and fleas are concerns for people wanting pest control in Bradenton and Sarasota Counties.

Pestguard Termite has been treating pests for over 25 years.   They know how to get rid of ants, silverfish, termites, bed bugs and are experts in Pest Control in Bradenton and Sarasota.  They know how to get rid of pests.

safe pestcontrol expert technicians

Pestguard Termite is locally owned and operated.  Pestguard Termite recently merged with and provides even more pest control services to help you control ants, roaches, termites, silverfish and fleas.

Pestguard uses safe chemicals and spends the time and effort to train its technicians on the latest procedures protect what is valuable to you.  Your home is your most valuable investment and when it comes to protecting what matters the most to you, contact Pestguard.

Your home is vulnerable to termites and it is common in Bradenton to mistake swarming termites for ants.  Call Pestguard if you think you have termites.  When it comes to your home, do not take any chances.   See our articles on termites for actions you can take.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can live anywhere in Bradenton homes.  Infestations have risen 81% according to the National Pest Management Association.  Bed bugs are common in apartments, urban areas and can spread fast.

Check out our article on bed bugs

Pestguard are experts in Pestcontrol Bradenton, Sarasota and surrounding areas.

Keeping pets and loved ones safe from fleas and bedbugs in with Pest Control Bradenton

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