Termite Swarm And Pest Control

Hurricane Preparedness & Termite Swarm Season, What’s the Connection?

April through December in Florida can be an overwhelming time for residents when it comes to protecting one of your largest assets, your home and/or commercial building. Most Florida residents know how to prepare for a hurricane, but what happens after the hurricane? FEMA will provide tarps for damages caused by hurricanes, but with the demand so high, how long will it take to get them? And will they last long enough to make repairs.

Termites  are a common pest which must be controlled in our Florida climate. Protecting your home/building from termites can help reduce the chances of insurance claims during a storm being declined due to termite negligence. For most residents, the thought that the two seasons are at the same time and can have an impact on costly repairs, never comes to our minds.

Why Custom Made Tarpaulins?

A custom made to fit the individual home/building specifications can help you minimize and prevent further damage and get repairs started quickly to get you back in your home or building. Pestguard Commercial Services has been manufacturing our own fumigation tarps for years. These tarps have been utilized by condominium and residential homeowners for covering damage caused by storms.

Why have Termite/Pest Protection?

After a storm or hurricane, the insurance company will investigate the damages for repair costs. Should they find evidence of termite damage due to negligence in protection, you could have a claim refused. To protect you now and in the future, have your home or building thoroughly inspected and find the best protection service for your specific needs. Pestguard Commercial Services offers complimentary inspections  and customized plans for all of your pest control needs.



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